Apr. 15th, 2015

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Anonymous said: 
I remember you saying something about how the vampires in the VC are asexal. What does that mean? Can they still have sex as vampires? Can they have sex with vampires and humans. This is something I'm curios about.

So this is a good question and I could spend entirely too long answering it but people don’t want to read a huge Wall of Text™©®. I’ll try to be concise.

The sharingz of BLOOD is all a Ricean vampire needs in terms of sexual interaction (in CANON). This can be a fully clothed or naked activity, or anywhere in between, and ppl sometimes forget that there is a major artery in the inner thigh called the Femoral Artery which makes for a very sexy place to bite…

Louis does love the B

BASICALLY your 2 main canon quotes re: asexuality are:
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