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I remember you saying something about how the vampires in the VC are asexal. What does that mean? Can they still have sex as vampires? Can they have sex with vampires and humans. This is something I'm curios about.

So this is a good question and I could spend entirely too long answering it but people don’t want to read a huge Wall of Text™©®. I’ll try to be concise.

The sharingz of BLOOD is all a Ricean vampire needs in terms of sexual interaction (in CANON). This can be a fully clothed or naked activity, or anywhere in between, and ppl sometimes forget that there is a major artery in the inner thigh called the Femoral Artery which makes for a very sexy place to bite…

Louis does love the B

BASICALLY your 2 main canon quotes re: asexuality are:
1. Lestat has this to say about his package:

“I studied my reflection … and the organ, the organ we don’t need, poised as if ready for what it would never again know how to do or want to do, marble, a Priapus at a gate” - Lestat, Queen of the Damned

2. Pandora wants Marius to sex her up on their ‘wedding night’ and he can’t do it, but they try, awkwardly:

He covered me and kissed my cheek. “Drink from me,” he said, “drink until the pain goes away. It’s only the body dying, drink Pandora, you are immortal.“ 

"Fill me, take me,” I said. I reached down between his legs.

“It doesn’t matter now.”

But it was hard, this organ I sought,
the organ forever lost to the god Osiris. I guided it, hard and cold as it was, into my body. Then I drank and drank, and when I felt his teeth again on my neck, when he began to draw from me the new mixture that filled my veins, it was sweet suckling, and I knew him and loved him and knew all his secrets in one flash which meant nothing.  He was right. The lower organs meant nothing. He fed on me. I fed on him. This was our marriage.  -Pandora

Also, there’s little mention in canon of vampire sex other than bloodsharing, so it’s assumed they don’t need it, bc they don’t procreate that way. New vampires are made by sharing blood. 

In canon, human/vampire sex it basically non-penetrative, but that all depends on your definition of sex. Is fingering sex? vampires!Marius and Amadeo do that with mortal!Bianca, for example, and she seems very satisfied!

Keep in mind that #Your headcanon may vary, and this is why we have fanfic. Lots of ficwriters write them as fully sexual beings who can do it with vampires or humans. 

There are some fics that suggest that human/vampire sex can be harmful to the human, since vampires are stronger in alot of different ways, and some fics suggest human/vampire sex is impossible (like Lois Lane/Superman, how does that even work does he destroy her? It is a mystery).

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