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Another continuation of this VC asexuality discussion if u want to catch up. 
 remember-me-you-clever-boy said:

Dude, my accidental headcanon for years was that the, ahem, vampire sexual fluids were actually blood, since it seems to replace all the other fluids. I forgot the "the lower parts doesn't work anymore" part and, by my logic, if they cry blood -> they also sweat blood -> so they must split blood too, then -> WELL... (It also would explain why vampires love red sheets and basically red everything in home decor)

Re: All the fluids are blood: Well canon isn't totally specific on that. In TVL (his first nights as a vampire) Lestat says his tears are blood, and then a little later, says his tears are tinted with blood: 
  • "And my tears were blood, and they left their stain on my hands when I wiped at my face."
  • "I stared at my reflection... when [my] tears did rise, they were red, and the entire image was tinted red because [my] vision was red."
So.... I think it's a mixture? All normal bodily fluids but tinted red with blood? IDK, #your headcanon may vary, either works really. I can't think of other specific quotes to backup either theory, perhaps it's best left ambiguous.
But I think that the question of "What are the *ahem* sexual fluids made of?" put me off of any slashfic for the longest time. Any of these ideas for what the sexual fluids were made of all squicked me out initially: 
  • 100% blood - this would make the most sense bc, for example, swallowing post-blowjob would be physically the same as biting to get the blood. Plus, it wouldn't be a procreative material.
  • a mixture of blood and something else, maybe the normal stuff?
  • just the normal stuff?
  • the normal stuff minus anything that would make a baby?
  • something else??
When I finally gave in it was bc someone recc'd some good slashfic and I gradually let go of the squick feelings because the foreplay, action, dialogue, etc., before the actual sex was in character, so I was eased into acceptance (and even enjoyment!) of it. I'm able to switch back and forth between the vampires being sexual or asexual in my headcanon. It's a particular talent ;]
As for the red décor, hahaha I get your point, but blood actually darkens on fabric very quickly, and would definitely be noticeable immediately... I'd think dead blood is as bad as dead bodies in terms of the smell to vampires. Have you ever smelled a spilled quantity of real blood? I HAVE. WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT?

 Someone at my college did a project where he literally painted with his own blood quickly, using a brush that was connected to an intravenous tube in his arm. His GF was a nurse and helped him do it safely. The smell of blood is hard to describe other than... like the way spoiled meat tastes, with a note of poop maybe... and somewhat metallic.

Thanks for a stimulating discussion, remember-me-you-clever-boy!
~Mater Fabuloso

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